The Beauty of Parquet Wood Flooring!

Are You Contemplating PARQUET FLOORING?

It’s The Perfectly

Are you seeking to make a beautiful/and or dramatic aura to your home or business? Well, one certain way of doing this is to make use of parquet floors, a unique wooden flooring that could instantly transform your house or business’s look.

Parquet flooring became popular in France in the 1600’s as a substitute for marble flooring, and it has gone on to be a characteristic of houses and businesses ever since.

Parquet flooring is created by weaving cubes of wood such as a mosaic. Every parquet flooring is an independently crafted masterpiece that can add style to any house.

In earlier times parquet floorings were extremely artistic and artisan, however now, parquet layouts are somewhat more subtle, less expensive and, thanks to advances in flooring production, much less expensive than the older parquet designs. Today, the most popular parquet flooring design is the herringbone design.

Parquet flooring is created by weaving blocks of wood like a mosaic. Every parquet flooring is an independently crafted masterpiece which would add tradition and style to any house.

Solid wood parquet flooring, as the name implies is parquet flooring made from solid pieces of wood. Engineered parquet floors on the other hand Is Made of layers of different types of timber, topped with hardwood

With caution, your parquet flooring should keep its luster for 10 to 15 decades, or more. As time passes, however, the most well-kept hardwood flooring may begin to seem a bit dull, particularly in high-income places.

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Get Started With Your Wood Floors

As you can see, you get many benefits from buying and installing hardwood floors. Locating the ideal style of timber, if it be engineered hardwood or reclaimed solid hardwood planks, aids to make a space . The options we provide for finishes and stains add to this customization.Our partnerships with the best wood sellers who reflect our awareness of ethics and dedication to excellence and detail permit us to give you the very best products. We’re pleased to supply the biggest variety of hardwood floors. A number of our timber delivers a little bit of history according to which it had been reclaimed from.

Floor Sanding Greenwich is home to 11 acres of different and distinctive reclaimed materials. Our performance also comes with a 10,000-square-foot warehouse filled with exotic and domestic timber in addition to over 100,000 square feet of floors. Additionally, we’ve got a 4,000-square-foot millwork store where we produce custom cutting edge and flooring choices.

Improve Your House With New Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is an investment that brings both value and beauty. Wood flooring comes in affordable rates and with ample advantages. Wood flooring are investments of a lifetime that offer aesthetic and monetary rewards.

After purchasing and installing your hardwood flooring, you can enjoy it for a long time to come. Having a good understanding of how to install it and what types of wood will be best suited for different regions of your house will help you attain the desired outcome. Occasional sweeping and normal maintenance will maximize the longevity and beauty of your purchase.


In one of our September posts, we took a look at a few of the more popular domestic woods used for hardwood flooring. This month, we wanted to explore some of the exotic hardwood species that have become popular for flooring in recent years.Though the word “exotic” may call to mind wild jungles and hard-to-reach rainforests, in fact, when we’re talking about wood, it just refers to any species grown outside of North America. Many of the species most familiar to you fall into this category, including mahogany, teak and rosewood. While many exotic species do originate in the tropics, there are a few that come from other places as well. We will get into the origins of specific species later, though.


Many exotic hardwoods, like this tigerwood, have a very distinctive color and grain.


Most exotic wood species have a color and grain that is very distinct, and much different from those found in domestic woods, which tend to be a bit more consistent and subtle. Many exotic hardwoods show a striking difference in color from heartwood to sapwood, from board to board, or, as with zebrawood and tigerwood , even from grain to grain. Consequently, a hardwood floor made from an exotic species tends to make a bolder statement and be more striking in home, though always with the characteristic warmth of wood.


Taken as a whole, exotic hardwoods tend to be denser and harder than domestic woods, testing higher on the Janka hardness scale in the majority of cases.  This lends strength and durability to their inherent beauty, enabling simpler finishes that let that beauty shine through.  They also tend to require less maintenance as a result, and their unique grain patterns often hide scuffs and scratches better than more uniform domestic species.  Of course, modern advances in the industry tend to ensure that any hardwood, exotic or domestic, is likely to last a lifetime and longer.



As you have probably learned by now, any wood species should be expected to change color over time, especially if exposed to the sun’s UV light.  Many exotic wood species seem to have a higher tendency toward such changes, and the difference is often more dramatic than in most domestics.  Before you choose a species, you should talk to one of the professionals here at MacDonald Hardwoods to be sure you know what to expect as your floors age.


The density that lends exotic hardwoods their hardness can also make them resistant to added color or complex finishes.  Fortunately, most people who opt for exotic hardwood do so for its natural coloring, and often opt for protective oil-based finishes rather than stains or polyurethanes.  If you do choose to finish your exotic hardwood, do your research and make sure that your finish is known to take well on the specific species you’ve chosen.


Remember, tropical woods are far from home in North America.  They come largely from climates that are fairly consistent in temperature and high in humidity.  They are not always well adapted, then, for the drastic changes in both temperature and humidity experienced throughout most of the U.S.  For this reason, it is especially important that exotic hardwood flooring be installed by someone with experience in accommodating the higher expansion and contraction rates of these reactive woods.  It may also be advisable to choose an engineered variety over a solid exotic hardwood, as an engineered plank will consist largely of more stable woods, with a layer of your beautiful exotic on top.


In general, the more popular exotic hardwoods are widely available as both engineered and solid flooring, but, especially if you are shopping for hardwoods online or in catalogs, it is best to visit a showroom before setting you heart on a specific wood.  The availability of your favorite species can depend on the trends in your area as well as situations in the woods country of origin, including their ability to enforce sustainable harvesting practices.  You may find that the species at the core of your decorative scheme is in short supply this year and only available in a few sizes or has to be shipped so far that the added cost becomes unreasonable.  So, when thinking about exotics, try to stay flexible.


You noticed we mentioned sustainable harvesting practices.  All around the world, the lumber industry is working with governments, environmentalists, trade organizations to ensure that sustainable practices are put in place and maintained.

Recently, the Lacey Act, which has regulated lumber production practices in the United States for more than a century, was extended to include lumber harvested overseas.  The Act expressly prohibits all trade in plant and plant products (furniture, paper, lumber, etc.) illegally here or abroad, including wood from trees that have been taken against the will of the landowner or without proper authorization or have been harvested from officially protected areas.  Those bringing lumber into the country must provide proof of provenance, declaring the country of origin of harvest and species name of all plants contained in their products.

Of course, the degree to which areas are protected varies from country to country, but organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council are making it easier to ensure that exotic hardwoods are ethically harvested by following their path of production and giving lumber that passes muster their seal of approval.


shutterstock_106521191As a Greenwich homeowner who’s facing expensive hardwood flooring repair, you’d love to simplify your own life. You would like to keep your floors looking amazing, ideally for the eternity. Can it be accomplished? Can you really prevent scrapes — or at least minimize their occurrence? Sadly, even in the event that you use the most scratch-resistant kind of wood, and you plaster your place with foam and cotton, flooring will get scratched. It’s a fact of nature. The second law of thermodynamics tells us that”things fall apart” and entropy increases as time passes.

That being said, you can take seven strong actions to prevent hardwood floor damage.

1. Wear slippers around the house — or at least take off your shoes.

Ensure it is a”house rule” that visitors need to take off their shoes. Make it easy for people: include a bin near the front door, where people can throw their shoes.

2. Cover the most “wear and tear” prone areas with appropriate substances.

Protect highly trafficked regions together with mats, area rugs, and so on. Put felt pads under heavy furniture, so the furniture won’t gouge or scrape on the floor. Get extra pads, since these”little sensed helpers” inevitably fall off throughout the course of life.

3. Get the ideal furniture.

Instead of a rolling seat (that will grind grime, grit and other nastiness to the floor)for a standing seat. Or put an anti-scratch mat beneath the rolling chair!

4. Maintain your place clean.

When you allow grit, debris, food, nail clippings, etc. . accumulate, you produce aesthetic unpleasantness and indoor contamination risks, as well as increase the chances of gouging your flooring.

5.Keep your pets’ nails trim, and educate your kids about the importance of not gouging the hardwood floor with their toys, or utensils, or teeth.

6. Employing proper cleaning tools and chemicals.

7. Don’t make your upkeep choices in a vacuumcleaner.

Various kinds of wood have different sensitivities. The staff here in Greenwich Floor Sanding can help you fix or install or refinish your floors. Contact us or email us today for a free estimate. Protect your investment and reassurance.


shutterstock_107049134We’re frequently found promoting the benefits of dust free floor renovating . It delivers a way to solve the dust generated through the conventional procedures of floor renovating.

Whilst wood flooring boast flexibility, yet another enormous benefit of this flooring kind is that they may be completely restored if, as time passes, they eventually become damaged or discoloured.

Is your hardwood floors possibly stained, stained, indented or worn? A number of our clients question whether it would be possible to restore this into some stunning, natural and hard-wearing hardwood flooring once more.

Our revolutionary dust free sanding procedure provides a superior finish for a number of reasons. We utilized this innovative system with this wood recovery task done.

Here are a few details that you may not understand:

  • An advanced filtration systems is utilized which allows us to sand the wood floor together with the production of almost no dust.
  • This provision lets us track our progress during the sanding procedure. The dust is filtered away ensuring that our eyesight is not skewed; the consequence being a quicker procedure and quicker clean-up.
  • An important aspect is that indoor air quality remains safe; this is important for both ourselves and our customers. This offers true value and ensures that customers suffering from allergies aren’t affected.
  • Our sanding machinery is protected as the dust is filtered away. Our high-powered tools are not influenced by any build-up of contaminants; so productivity remains high.

We’re expertly trained in this provision and also the above information pays heed to its popularity. This support is sought after and continues to promote increased demand for our floor resurfacing services.

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Dangers To Wood Flooring In Summer

shutterstock_1330150265Like everything, wood responds to the warmth and light of the sun and can suffer damage as a result. There are numerous things which may happen to your wood flooring in the summertime. At a really basic level, due to the higher temperatures and drier air, there’s more dust round in summer time than the remainder of the year. 1 great way to reduce the unwanted effects of the increased dust and grit your feet bring in your home during the summertime would be to invest in a high quality doormat. A fantastic doormat will remove a substantial proportion of the dust and grit that may play havoc with your flooring. Thereafter, it is a case of earning sure you vacuum up any stray particles that make their way past the doormat.

After grit and dust, another summer problem for timber flooring is light in the sun itself, which can cause real issues with not just your wood floor, but together with your furnishings. There are two alternatives for this issue, the first is to stop the light as much as possible from getting at your floors and the second is to see to your floors so that they’ll stand up better to the effects of sunlight. Nevertheless, living in a house with the curtains constantly closed in the summer months is not especially appealing, so a treatment tends to win hands down.

A good ultraviolet or UV finish in your floor will really help minimise the negative effects of the sun. Right now, dark floors are especially popular and require more protection against the sun their lighter counterparts. Nevertheless, no matter which type of flooring you have, you ought to have the ability to find a fantastic quality UV finish that will help protect your floor from sunlight. In case you have any uncertainty about what might work for your floor, you should seek the help of your floor supplier or a reliable DIY shop.

Another main summer threats to timber floors are temperatures and humidity. Temperature and humidity fluctuations can play havoc with the best-laid floors, resulting in cupping and, or buckling. When wood takes in moisture from the air, it expands which could make it distort. In summertime the moisture content of the atmosphere itself tends to be reduced over a complete day, ie. The air is dryer than it is obviously in winter, but fluctuates considerably during each day. Add to this, the very simple fact that, in order to fight the heat, we often utilize artificial heating or air conditioning equipment and you start to see the problems that might arise with your hardwood flooring. Generally speaking, cooling equipment gives rise to a huge quantity of warmth, which may again have a harmful impact on your wood floor.

So, especially during the warm summer months, consider your floor and be kind to it!

4 Ways To Refresh The Look Of Tired Wood Floor

Slide115If your hardwood flooring is looking a bit tired and you are eager to refresh it, depending upon the harshness of its own”exhaustion”, you may get away with giving it a excellent clean, or the alternative might want a bit more effort. Here are 4 methods to refresh the look of your tired wood floor:

Give it a more thorough clean. Sometimes, all a weary looking hardwood flooring needs, to allow it to look its finest, is still a really good clean. If it comes to cleaning your hardwood flooring , it’s ideal if you can empty your room completely. When you’re emptying the room recall to take some opportunity to lift rather than haul furnishings, because otherwise you may get a much more tired looking floor in your hands!

Begin your clean with a thorough vacuum across the room and then clean your floor with a moist, not wet mop which has been sprayed with warm water. If your floor is extremely dirty, you might decide to use a cleaning product, but generally, water alone will do the trick. TOP TIP: If you are considering steam cleaning your floor, do ensure the seal on the flooring is in good shape before you start, or you could end up damaging the floor because of the extra moisture.

Leading up your own finish. If your flooring is looking tired since the finish has its fair share of wear and tear, you can refresh your tired looking floor by topping up the finish. The two chief types of wood flooring finish are lacquer and wax. People who favor lacquered wood flooring have a tendency to appreciate a higher gloss than those who prefer the more natural looking, oil end.

When it comes to refreshing your flooring, there’s no getting away from the fact that an oil finish is a lot easier to top up compared to a lacquer finish, but that does not automatically mean that a fantastic result can not be achieved in both situations. If your floor is looking tired thanks to a handful of stains, then you may easily remove and refinish these by taking away the stains using a really fine steel wool and then employing some of your initial finish, using a nice brush. Best TIP: It is essential to make sure that any excess finish is wiped away before it dries. When the finish is dry, you can buff up the area with a soft cloth.

Buff and polish it. Buffing your floor is a wonderful way to breathe new life into it without needing to go the entire hog and resand it. In very simple terms, a buffer is a system using a hefty rotating pad that uses its motion to create a professional looking end on tired hardwood flooring.

Unless you have a significant quantity of wood flooring in your house, it’s likely you’ll want to employ a buffer instead of invest in purchasing one. Most small tool rental outlets will have a buffer available for lease. Prior to starting, it is important to make certain that your flooring is perfectly sterile; otherwise your efforts will only serve to trap the dirt that’s lying on the surface of the floor. Thereafter, it is a case of selecting the most appropriate gloss for the outcome you want. Irrespective of whether you’re looking for a high gloss or a matt finish, your flooring provider will be able to steer you about the best polish to your own project. What you should do is employ the gloss right to the floor, putting a tiny amount down at a time and working the buffer above the gloss in little circular motions, making sure you cover the whole floor equally.

Invest in a complete sand and refinish. A full sand and refinish isn’t a task for the faint hearted or something you must expect to do in a day, but is pretty much guaranteed to get any tired floor looking great again. In case you have engineered hardwood floors, before you aim this endeavor, you will need to ensure that the solid wood top layer, or lamella of hardwood floors remains sufficiently thick to defy a sanding. Aside from that, it is a simple case of hiring a sander and working systematically through the various stages (See our post on Restoring Wood Flooring) or bringing in the professionals.

10 Reasons Why People Choose Wood Flooring

shutterstock_367270514It looks excellent. There is no getting away from the fact that a wooden floor looks terrific. Currently one of the most pursued flooring alternatives, it is not surprising that the rich and famous have used this substance to floor their castles and stately houses for centuries.

There is an choice to suit every budget. While particular species of wood can be expensive, there is no getting away from the fact that the huge rivalry in the wood floor industry has pushed the cost of this solution straight down. Today it is possible to get a great quality hardwood flooring choice to suit pretty much every budget.

It lasts a life. If you have ever visited a castle or a stately home, you won’t need convincing that a good quality hardwood flooring will last a life and maybe a whole lot more. There are wooden floors which have been well looked after, which are centuries old and will endure for centuries to come. The character of hardwood floors means that it can be re-sanded and refinished a number of times during it’s lifetime, meaning that you can attain a new looking floor many times over, at just minimal cost.

It’s simple to maintain. When you choose hardwood floors, all you need to do is a regular vacuum and a light mopping with a damp mop. In most cases, unless there’s severe staining on your floor, you shouldn’t even need to use a detergent.

It is very good for your health. It is a well-known actuality that wood flooring is one of their preferred solutions for anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies.

There is a colour to suit every inside. With natural wood flooring choices now ranging from almost white to almost black, no matter what type of look you’re hoping to achieve you’re going to be able to find a floor to match and enhance your intended interior.

It may be used in each room in the house. As a result of the growth of engineered wood flooring, this flooring option can be utilised in each room in the home.

Home Improvement Projects for the New Year: Solid Oak Worktops and More!

feet-932346_1920With the new year just around the corner, you could be thinking about home improvement jobs for 2019. When it’s something as straightforward as solid walnut worktops to your own kitchen or workshop, to a large undertaking like flooring installation for a couple of chambers, upgrades and projects could be performed to any home to give it that extra pop. Home improvement jobs are a great way to start new and help you reach your other new year goals. Take a peek at some of these ideas to get your imagination flowing view where your own project will take you.

Solid Oak Worktops: A Great Surface for Any Project

Among the easiest methods to improve your house is with solid oak worktops. Wooden worktops are fantastic for a multitude of uses throughout a house and can be customised for every objective. In the shop, you might need a sturdy and powerful good piece of wood that can manage the reach of a hammer. You may not require the identical level of sturdiness in a craft area, but a good worktop makes spills and other messes easier to wash up, and wood is a beautiful neutral background for planning out your creative projects (and carrying those Instagram pics after you are done).

From the kitchen you might want a smaller worktop to use as a cutting board or butchers block. The timber will protect your counter but will not harm your knives as quickly as a glass cutting board would for instance. There are many instances where a solid worktop may be utilized and is often the best substance and installing them may be a great weekend home improvement project.

Wood Flooring Transforms a Room

Another fantastic home improvement project you can’t go wrong with is updating to sound wood or laminate flooring. Wood floors always supply a house with a new appearance and can completely change the feeling of a space. White hardwood floors such as can make your bedroom feel like a beachside cottage or rustic lodge, even though a herringbone floor design can turn into a dining room into a hallway fit for a feast.

There are so many alternatives that it is possible to go with for wood flooring and the possibilities are infinite. Wood flooring may also be set up in the subject of a few days if you do it professionally. But if you do not want to worry about a entire home update project all at once, then you always have the option to elect to perform it room by room over the course of the new year. By doing one area at a time, it slows down the speed allowing you to appreciate your project and really get the sense of gratification which home improvement projects bring.

There are many possibilities for home improvement jobs and it doesn’t stop with just these few. With indoor and outdoor jobs combined, you can spend as little as several hours up to a couple of weeks doing a project. It is dependent on you and finding the ideal project for your budget and time and what you would like to see of your home.


photoThe practicality of hardwood floors is among the chief reasons why an increasing number of homeowners are opting for this type of flooring over carpets. Coupled with the fact it is simple to clean and preserve, and hardwood flooring can therefore endure for a very long time- it’s a good choice for the cost-conscious homeowner.

It frequently does not take long for carpets to start to look a bit about the grubby side- especially rugs fitted in rooms with heavy foot traffic- and vacuuming can help restore their look, regular professional rug cleaning is usually necessary to be able to effectively maintain their beauty.

On the other hand though, it’s much simpler to keep the look of hardwood floors. General debris can be immediately swept away, and also the cleaning process does not require input from an expert.

You should contact a hardwood floor specialist to be able to purchase the most practical kind of hardwood flooring for your needs though. An expert can help you to come to some well-informed decision and any questions you may have regarding hardwood floors.

For people who are looking for a practical yet attractive means to cover the floors in their house, hardwood flooring ought to be their first option.